Western Approaches at the Maritime Museum


The acclaimed war time documentary-film drama the Western Approaches was the first ever documentary to be filmed in colour. It was a tribute to the Merchant Navy with real seamen re-enacting the horror of being torpedoed or sunk at sea. The film was made by the Crown Films Unit. In order for the British to fight on during the second world war the Merchant Navy kept the lifeline to the Commonwealth and to America. Even when the films was released in 1944 the convoys were still providing vital supplies. Special colour cameras from America and the cinematographer on the Western Approaches was Jack Cardiff the legendary Oscar winner. The film crew stayed in Holyhead for about six months.The documentary was honoured as part of the North Wales Film and Television Trail. A commemorative plaque was unveiled by Margaret Jones on Friday 1st June 2007 at the Holyhead Maritime Museum. Also on that day the Museum celebrate the opening of a new War Time exhibition in an air raid shelter next to the museum. For more information please contact Richard Coombs at Wales Screen commission at richardcoombs@gwynedd.gov.uk