Looking for family & friends from Holyhead ?

Dear Ann,

I don't really know where to start except with the obvious: I have Welsh cousins but the "last address" I have for them is one that is long out of date. But it's a "named" house in Bodedern. The cousin who
lived there was:
Rev. John Jones

My father visited him in 1974 and somewhere among old family photos I've seen one that shows his kitchen wall on which is painted a huge genealogical table. He was already retired then. My wild guess of his birth year would be around 1905. I think his wife died just a few years after 1974.
He and his wife had 2 sons and four daughters (who are no doubt spread all over the UK now.) With a little digging I could come up with their names...
But I'm sending this off, hoping that you can "forward" it to just the right person, who would have an address for me that would start me on my quest to find these distant cousins. When I said I didn't know where to start, I also meant I realize I don't need to burden you with "how" I'm related. But it helps me to put it in writing here: Rev. John Jones is descended from the brother of my grandmother's grandfather. This great-great-grandfather of mine was Rev. Robert Trogwy Evans. I know a whole bunch about him as he emigrated to the States in 1870, first to New York and then out here to Wisconsin ... where I live.

Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to give me.

Rev. Donald H. Fox
2611 30th St. S.
La Crosse WI 54601


Can you, please, posted the following on the Family and Friends of Holyhead webpage.

I am looking for any relation or friend of the family of Owen Edwards Williams of Holyhead: Owen Edwards Williams, born July 6, 1895 son of Owen and Mary Williams of Holyhead, baptized August 1895 in Bethel Wesleyan Chapel in Holyhead. Siblings: Thomas H. ( 1883); Ellen, (1884); Kate (1888); Annie, (1892). Owen Edwards Williams was a carpenter and worked for the London & North Western Railway Company in Holyhead. Married Margaret Thomas in August 1925 at Bethel Wesleyan Chapel; died in 1967. Any information about the Williams family would be greatly appreciated.
Contact labbott@rogers.com

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Regards, Laura Abbott
Toronto, Canada


Hi Ann
I am trying to locate a Rowlands family from the Holyhead area.The information I have is that a Thomas and Sarah Rowlands who married in 1934 had 6 children together. There was Richard (1934), Hywel (1936), Margaret (1938), John (1939), Isabel (1942) and Catherine (1944). I know Richard married a Mary Jones in 1960 and I think they had 2 daughters before separating. Richard was a minister in the forces before being discharged, he went on to run a chicken farm in Anglesey. He passed away in June 1995 in Holyhead.I would be very great full of any information anyone could give me. My email is jordanandkira@hotmail.co.uk. Many thanks.


If you are looking for long lost family or friends or are tracing your family tree and need help finding someone, please send an e-mail with thier details.These will be added to this page along with your details, so that anyone who can help may contact you. Good Luck!


Good day,
Please help, I am desperately in need to contact my long lost uncle. Maybe you could put me in touch with him.I have been trying for months now to find contact details, and there pops a picture of him up on your webpage

Malcolm Geraint Evans



Hi Ann

I Enjoyed browsing your site!
Could you add me to your ex pats page please?

I was born in Holyhead in 1951 but moved away when I was three...my father Bill Griffith was a policeman...my mother was Eirlys (nee Hughes) from Rhydwyn. I returned between 1964-1967 when I went to County school....my father was then a police inspector at Holyhead. I moved to Bangor afterwards but still returned often to see friends there. I remember my time at Holyhead with fond memories I later joined the West Midlands Police but have now been retired for 9 years and live in Murcia, Spain.

Many thanks Ann.

Emlyn Griffith

Just trying to see if anyone remembers my Dad's family, they lived at 7 Lligwy Street and his name was Tom Rowlands (Tommy), he was born in 1922 and I heard from his cousin Vic in Tennesee some
years ago because he was compiling the family tree. He was best friends with Jackie Higgins from the Dublin Packet Pub when they were at school together.



I am trying to locate any member of a family with the surname Rowlands.The information I have available are that a Thomas and Sarah Rowlands married in 1934, they went on to have 6 children. There was Richard born in 1934, Hywel born in 1936, Margaret born in 1938, Jon born in 1939, Isabel born in 1942 and Catherine born in 1944. Any help would be much appreciated.
Many thanks, Katy Davies:- email- jordanandkira@hotmail.co.uk

My Great Uncle served (I believe he was an engineer) and lost his life on the H.M.S Scotia on 1st June 1940. I found the article on your site along with photos. Unfortunately we do not have any photos of him and was wondering if you had names to go with the photos shown on the site. His name was John Parry (but may have been known as Jack). The family and I would be grateful if anyone could help in identifying him from the photos.
Kind Regards Ann
E-Mail ann.ambrose1@btinternet.com


I have been talking to a cousin in America on Skype and he was asking about his family who originally came from Holyhead. His great grandfather worked or ran a Pub in Holyhead. As far as I am led to believe it was called the RED LION I cannot find out if that was so. Do you have any information about a pub with this name. His name was Richard Jones and he married Ellen Owens and left for USA in 1924 with his family following in 1925 Any information you can give me would be gratefully received
Yours Catherine Boyd.
E-Mail boyd.catherine25@talktalk.net

I'm doing some family research and just found out a relative, Elizabeth Korb, died in 1944 at the Devon House on Edmund St in Holyhead. I've tried, but have been able to find out just what the Devon house is. Do you have any idea? Was this a workhouse? Thanks Robin Korb Chippewa Falls, WI USA
E-Mail rkorb@qisc.com

Hi, I've just moved from Holyhead after over 30yrs. One of my new neighbours in Abergele, was born in Holyhead and I am trying to begin her family tree. She believes her gran a Jane Williams or Jane Parry Williams....a Jane Parry who married a William Williams in 1929, was at one time the mayoress of Holyhead and Goronwy Parry, who I know is a relative. There are quite a lot of William Williams who were on the 1911 census. I've tried to Google for Mayors but can't find a record. I would be grateful if you have any info. Hopeful of your help.....Pat Ellis
E-Mail newlands.741@btinternet.com


Hi I wonder if you can help me ,im an ex pat of holyhead (79 to 95) and can remember making clay plaques in school (holyhead high) around 92 -93 for the stairs that use to run next to boots,i have been informed that the stairs no longer exisits as the bridge is now in place and so am wondering do you know what happen to them there must of been at least 100 150 plaques made and personally would quite like mine back to show my children any info you could give me would be great Nicola Clarke
E-Mail niclib@hotmail.co.uk


Hello Ann, I am trying to trace my brother who at one time was the steward at the railway club Hollyhead Can you help. his name is Derek McCarthy
E-Mail donmac209@gmail.com

I was wondering if you could give me any information on my great grandmother who apparently was born at Holyhead, I have a set of small leather bound bible and a hymn book that is dated to Miss Gaynor Elizabeth Bartley Jones, Sept. 1841. She ran away when she was a young girl with my great grandfather John Campbell Martin. I really don't know about her life before then and would so like to learn of her childhood and of any relatives that she might have left behind. If you have any way of finding any history of her I would so appreciate it. Thank-you Vonda Ballard
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Please can tell me if you have an information on the davies family dating back to the 1850 or there abouts or any historian that can help trying to trace decendents born there cheers mau phillips
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Hi Ann My grandmothers surname was Owen and her fore bears were all born in Holyhead. My great great grandfather John Owen was christened at the St Cybis Church on 22 February 1840 and lived in Summer Hill Terrace. It has taken me many many years of research to track down the Owen family (back to 1704) It is my intention to travel to Holyhead from Melbourne Australia in the middle of next year to perhaps get an intimate feeling for Holyhead.Roger McKee
E-Mail mckeer@netspace.net.au

Hi Ann I wonder if you could help me locate an old colleague who was District Engineer for Anglesey and Gwynedd with the former Wales Gas. I last tried to contact him at 49 Seabourne Road but he had left that address, the present resident had no idea where he had moved to, Sorry, I havn't told you the gentlemans name, it is Mr Howell Parry, I beleive his youngest son is Port Manager at Holyhead.We both retired a long time ago, I moved to Stafford shire from Llanfairpll fourteen years ago and am approaching my ninetyth birthday next year.Its about ten years since I last saw Howell,he also is round about my age so I hope that both he and his wife are still enjoying life. If its not to much trouble I would be very pleased to get some news off him. Thanking you ever so much. yours Sincerely Jim Logan
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Im an expat now living in Waterlooville in Hampshire. I was the school rugby captain at U13 U15 and seniors from 1976-1981 and had trials for the Welsh schools. I was known to many as Bledd, as my middle name is Bleddyn Im son of Maureen and Maelor Jones also ex of Holyhead.Regards Peter Bleddyn Jones
E-Mail peteandjen@ntlworld.com

Hi Ann, My name is Keith Hammond, and I grew up in North Wales (Colwyn Bay). I now live in Colorado (USA) and have been attempting to determine what happened to my aunts, uncles and cousins. My fathers eldest sister, May Hammond, was born in Salford or Stockport around 1893. She married someone I only know as Alf. Their daughter, Ruby May (last name unknown), eventually moved to the United States probably in the 1950s and possibly married a US military person. I am attaching a photo of Ruby May taken at a Queen of Britain (or possibly Battle of Britain Queen ) contest in Holyhead. Do you think there is any way of identifying her last name and the date of this contest? keithbhammond@airbits.com


I just came across the Holyhead website.A long-ago relative of mine was called Dorothy Morris (b. 1785) came from Anglesey. She married Henry Teyrer.Her father was a sea captain and carried the mail by boat from Holyhead to Dublin.If anyone has any information about Captain Morris, I would be so pleased if you would email to me. Thanks! John David Evans -Portland, Oregon US= squam-lake@comcast.net



Hi im just enquiring if this pub is run/owned by Mr & Mrs Partick Griffin?

I am Called Chris Cunningham, adopted Son of Mary & Roger Coyne of Castlerea, County Roscommon and I think your dad (Willie) is Mary's brother.

If so id love to hear from you. If this is not you, please accept my apologies in advance.


Chris Cunningham




Hi.I am looking for any information on the following family Owen Williams and Mary Jane Parry Williams from Holyhead.They had children Owen Samuel and Richard Parry along with a daughter. Richard was born 1/1/1887.The emmigrated to the US in the late 1800s.Mary Jane died and Owen remarried Margaret Elin Rowlands.One of these women died in 1901 in the US but theres some confusion on which one came to the US or did both of them? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! Karen Williams e-mail : mutskie@gmail.com


Hi, I'm hoping you may be able to help me. I am trying to make contact with my 3 first cousins Daphne ,rodney, and howard Inniss. Ifound a picture of a howie inniss on the county school reunion site and I think it may be the gentleman I am looking for as there is a family resemblence.Their father was Fred Inniss from Newfoundland and their mother was Linda Jones of holyhead.their father served in the royal navy duringww11.Daphne who would now be in her 60s ,kept contact by letter with a cousin while they were in their late teens and daphne's last known address was westley terrace holyhead.I know it is unlikely you would know them personally,but if you could forward this email to Howie Iwould greatly appreciate it.They still have 2 living uncles( Reg ,my father,and George) and 15 first cousins.If they do not want to make contact Iwill sadly respect their decision.We send our love and best wishes.thankyou for your help Marilyn (Inniss) Norris 35 Everest st Paradise Newfoundland Canada A1L 0B7 E.mail norrisleslie59@yahoo.ca

I am trying to find old mate who lived at holyhead in 60s his name is john seymour he had two brothers jeff and robin he was married to a local girl and had two boys i have been down to holyhead to try and find him but have not had any luck in finding any trace of any of them? feel it is odd for all to leave holyhead ken watsone-mail: kennethwatson1@hotmail.co.uk


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