Dry Dock






The Dry Dock in Holyhead has been filled in with 25,000 tonnes approx. of fill. It was filled in to create more standage within the port boundaries. It may also give easier access from Car Park to Port reducing the traffic along Turkey Shore road. The gate which was at the opening of the dock was very badly corroded and could not be moved and so was buried within the dock. Stena Line tried to repair it but the steel work was beyond repair. The old pump house was not be demolished during this work it has been renovated. It used to fill up with water from the dock so when the dock was filled the building dried out. The last ship to dock at Holyhead was the Dutch Coaster CEZIENA, 1,300 tons. She had a cargo of scrap metal on board and she started to take in water six miles west of Portdinllaen. Pumps were put on board by RAF Valley helicopters which coped with the intake of water she made her way to Holyhead and was docked at 1130am on the 28th February 1986. Below are the photos of each stage of the fill-in project.