A.K.C.W Championships


Brilliant day at the Karate Club Championships with Holyhead and Menai Bridge students putting a good show on Well done to everyone who took part . I know how proud the parents are today after watching their children taking part and all doing so well, but its times like these that as an instructor i feel so very proud of all the students , not only for their abilities but more so for their friendships which the y've built up within the group. No matter whether girl or boy, either 5 year old or 15 year old they all getting on like one big happy family and all feel the pain when one of them gets a knock. Well Done to Alex for becoming the Club Junior Champion, Callum for being the Runner up, both Amy and Emily coming joint third and Tyler for putting on such a spirited performance. again thank you to everyone who assisted me today

Naushad,AlanHaydn, Stephen and Gwyn.Big thanks also to Steve and Ann of "SMILE PLEASE" for attending at such short notice to record the event I cant wait to see the pics . And above all thanks to ALL the Parents for their continuing support, Feeling very Proud and humbled ,my students have made me a happy Sensei


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