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In this section of, are photos of the people of HOLYHEAD PAST.  Some of them have passed away, and some still live in the town today, and have many wonderful stories to tell.

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Thank You to everyone for the photos you sent      Diolch

Hi Ann
I wonder if you could please add the attached old Holyhead photo to your collection.We do not know the identity of the handsome young fellow on the left of the photo, the other two handsome young fellows are, left to right, Hugh Williams and Glyn Williams. I wonder if anyone knows the other young man. Photo was taken, we think, in the early 60's.
Thanks, once again.

Charlotte Mary Roberts Grand Mother
Born 9th Feb 1896 - Died 10th July 1962
During the Depression in the 1930s she was well known for her volunteer work in the soup kitchen held in the Perry's Garage field in Armeinia Street, Holyhead and also for her work with the Salvation Army. Charlotte was also one of the first members of the Bethel Temple which was located behind the former Cybi cinema in Treaddur Square
( now known as the Jimmy O Toole centre)
Married to William John (known as" Wil iard")formely from Malltraeth.They were patents to 3 sons , William Roger, Samual LLewelyn, and Glynne
Grandmother to Steve (celebrations Disco), Glynne, Mark, & Liz Roberts

Hi Ann
Sending the attached for your Holyhead Photos section. The picture is of the Armenia Street Holyhead residents day outing to Betws y Coed taken just after the war around 1946. We thought your readers would be interested. My friend Margaret from Bletchley Milton Keynes sent it as her grandma and mum and aunt are all in the photo. She is the lady who sent the picture of her grandad to you whose name was John Hawes who was lost on the Scotia.

Thank you to Valerie Scott (nee Ellwood). for the Two following photo's for
Mountain Rocky Coast. L to R. 4th and 5th Jimmy and Cyril Stuart.

Street Party Maes Hedd following WW2. L to R. 2nd left.Mrs Jane Stuart with Valerie and Monica, far right Mrs Owen with Ann (nanny),
behind Mrs Lloyd childs name unknown.

This photo kindly given to from Mr Billy Reilly
1940s May Day (we think) Cae Mud Turkeyshore Road - Does anybody recognise these Holyhead people? If so please let me know!

Jane Mathias born 1837 ,lived at Queen Street, 8 Well Street, 10 Lower Cybi Street and ,6 Water Street between 1863 and 1911

I am on the GuestBook Page - and sending this picture of my Grandmother Sarah Ellen(married name JONES, maiden name Pritchard.) with one of her daughters, (my mothers sister.)this picture was taken in Holyhead around 80 years ago, also picture of my Grandmother with her grand-daughter,( to her own daughter, name was EVE, my Aunt,) and the grandchild name Yvonne; taken outside their home in Holyhead approx ?. same era: I sadly never knew my Grandmother or other Aunt in the picture so can't name herdid know my Aunt Eve.always have this unexplainable affinity with my Grandmother and Holyhead.My Grandmother and Aunts all born in Holyhead and could only speak fluent Welsh.wonder if this could be recognised by someone as large family and will be younger relatives.???SincerelyMyra Gwenllian Davies

Hello Ann Thank you so much for your email and for placing my beloved Grandmother back in HOLYHEAD ! where she belongs always --- (she is with me in spirit if you can understand that! ) I feel quite overwhelmed and tearful over your email Thankyou SO MUCH I have enlarged and framed the picture of Grandmother the one with her daughter, often sit and look at this (with her black cat ! ) would give her a hug ! she had around 14 children all daughters then one son ! amazing woman when you think they had no washing machines etc:!! or running water in the house, yet they were all turned out well ! Here are another two pictures I have found taken in HOLYHEAD one is Aunt Eve's wedding in 1930 she was born 1910 my mother Lillian is second left along the first front row.and another wedding group with my Aunt Eve on the left with her daughter Yvonne, and my mother Lillianon the right to the picture holding my sister Eleanor who would be 75 now, all are HOLYHEAD people of this era. MANY THANKS AGAIN AND BLESS YOU FOR THIS GWENLLIAN e-mail :

Holyhead Cybi School Pupils


Holyhead Town Band Holyhead & Firemen by Admiralty Arch on Salt Island

Firemen by Admiralty Arch Salt Island & Men who built the Cybi Cinema in Treaddur Square(fondly named as the laugh & scratch)


Llaingoch Majorettes World Champions 3 times during the 1980's


T.A. Camp in Whittington Barracks, Lichfield Staffs 1957.  The Soldiers were mostly from Holyhead.  They were "D" Company 6/7th Battalion of the Royal Welch Fusiliers

Children of Maes y Haf and Maes Hedd HOLYHEAD around 1946.

Joan Carey ,Billy Thomas, Vera Bell next row - Monica Stuart, John Lloyd ? Margreat Pritchard 3rd row: Second child is Margreat Thomas then Joans brother Michael Carey Joan Carey who sent the photo is not sure the next two front row thinks it may be one of the ;Doutch boys or it might be Cledwyn Lewis who lived next door to her. She lived in 8 Maes Yr Haf. I am the little girl in the front row (Left): First Left Valerie Scott (nee Ellwood) and would love to hear from anyone in the photo or anyone who remembers her or her sister Ann  - or Patrick


back Row: . D. Bowie, O. R. Parry, C. P. Owen, J. A. Parry, A. Buick, D. Winters, G. Thomas, L. Hughes, W. B. Alexandra & L. Goddard.
Middle Row: W. Jones, K. Parry, A. Burgess, D. Roberts & N. Doig.
Front Row. Parry and J. Gaffikin

Back Row: Wynn Jones, S. Faulkner, H. Owen, G. Thomas, T. A. Pierce, T. Lewis, A. J. Lightowler
Front Row: K. G. Parry, D. Bowie (Captain.),  A. Burgess and A. D. Tyl

6th Betallion R.W. F. at the football field Holyhead September 1939

Mail collectors in Holyhead Station

Barbara Bonnie, Barbra Davies, Beryl  ?, ?, Christine?

Below are photos taken at the Railway Club in Holyhead Barbara Bonnie (pictured 1st left in left photo) is interested to know why the girls were together at the Railway Club at this time.  If you are in any of these photos please get in touch!


? , Christine?, Lynda Hughes, ?, Beryl?, Gwyneth Parry


Gleesons Lads